Visions Of Rasta

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Emperor Haile Selassie I Our Show
The Visoin Of Rasta tour will take the listener along a journey from the infancy of Reggae to its present form. The tour will feature the roots of Reggae, from Nyahabingi, the drum being the foundation of Black music and will weave through Mento, Ska,Rock-Steady, Reggae and Dance-Hall. The main thrust of this tour is to remind the listener that Reggae is a conscious music, a vehicle to teach, uplift and enlighten. There will never be any vulgarity or disrespectfull music on this tour. The aim is to show Rasta in its purest form, with Reggae being the main focus.
The "Visions Of Rasta" tour is moving through Florida at the present time with plans to take the show all over the World!

Emperor Haile Selassie I.
A student from Glen Stuart Primary School was awarded a souvenir coin by the Emperor when he visited Maggotty, St. Elizabeth.