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It was Bob Marley who made Reggae into an International phenomenon. In the wake of his success during the 1970's, there came a host of other names. Most saw Reggae as a means to an end, a "meal ticket"
The concept for the "Visions Of Rasta" tour grew out of our desperate need to revive the art of Reggae Music, to renew the original vision of the true Rastafari bretheren who nutured the music and viewed Reggae with reverence.
Our Vision
The present state of Reggae Music.
Reggae Music has suffered from over-commercialization and artistic abuse.There has been a conspicuos absence of original music, for example, with musicians more interested in "gigging" than preserving the roots of this genre. This is not the only form of music which has met the same dilema. Reggae Music in its original form has always been about raising the consciousness of the listener. Reggae is a "message music" to quote Bob Marley.
The main aim of "Visions Of Rasta " is to elevate the standard of the music . To return Reggae to its rightfull place as a music to teach and uplift the spirit. Our mission is to reveal the roots and original concept of Reggae, as well as to entertain.