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Friday august 29th. Tony Nicholson, Asho Jeni,and Jasper Henry members of Technodread together with Rastafarian entertainer:Manna Panna set out for Key West. Hoping to get there by 5 O'clock, since they had a gig to do at the Coco Palms Jamaican restaurant.Somehow that was not going to be the case. they met several obstacles, namely police road-blocks,They almost had two accidents: people who could not keep their lanes and just plane irrisponsible drivers. Plus, Tony's constant warning that "Something is going to happen,
I don't know what but something is going to happen". The trip took eight hours.They purposely went from friday to be early for the 10 a.m. rehearsal saturday. And to be able do a two man gig friday and saturday, make some money and have the whole trip pay for itself. Tony and Asho played from 7 to 10 O'clock friday night and all the members of the road trip slept that night at Fenton's trailer. Saturday morning They all got up early. It rained that morning. And since they all needed coffee they headed for dunkin donots,picked-up breakfast and made the rehearsal at Durty Harry's on time. Bassist Ray Spence was the only musician or artist there.Then after a short while, Fenton the rhythm guitarist turned up.Soon after the lead keyboardist Courtney Henry showed up.The promoter, David Service shows up all smiling and telling Technodread that the Artists were not going to show-up for rehearsal
because they were still in Miami. So they told him that he needed to take them to the hotel where they can shower and rest up properly for when they do. He told them that the rooms were already reserved and that he was going to take them there. They told him to take the drummer to the hotel and we will wait to hear from the drummer if that is really so.The reason being that they have had this man lie to them, or evade the question all together about things pertaining to this very show. So they were skeptical, plus we being all conscious of Tony's
"warning". Two hours would pass and they are sitting in this very sunny garage waiting.Finally, Jasper the drummer shows up, all cussing and fuming that David, the promoter, booked the rooms but did not pay for them, nor did he provide the hotel with a credit card number to even hold the rooms. Plus, they checked out several hotels,non of which
was reserved.Now the band members are all wondering about the other components of the show: Are all the artists properly booked, have the venue been reserved and paid for, and finally, was
this show properly promoted and advertised. why, because David, the promoter, is now asking the band "Do you have a credit card I can use to book the rooms". Needless to say, the band members are very frustrated and ripe. They travelled eight hours from Palm Bay to Key West, as soon as they got there they set up and played, spent the night at Fenton's, did not shower saturday morning, since they felt like waiting until after rehearsal to take one at the hotel, and they were badly in need of a hot meal, which were all supposed to be provided by the promoter. At around 3 p.m. they recieved a call from a lady they know only as "Coconut Woman", her radio
name. She called and said that she was taking over the show and that Technodread should go to "Sunset Suites", they are expecting them. Well, they now have rooms, now they need food as per arrangement. The promoter told them that they have to go to his brother's restaurant: "Coco Palms, "arrangements have made been there to feed them". they told him that they no longer trusted his word so, he gave them .It's late saturday afternoon and they do have a gig at the Coco Palms restaurant at 7 p.m., so they were all taking showers and some were eating etc.. trying to get to the gig on time.When they got there the owner of the establishment, Mr. Warren Service, the promoter's brother,told Tony that The Promoter just asked him for finantial help with the show and he said yes.That meant that there were now two new people helping with the show. After the gig was over they went to get a bite to eat and a guinness or two. The owner of the pizza store next door comes in the bar and tells them that he's also lending finantial help to the show. And all of a sudden it became very clear that they were not only dealing with a dishonest, unscrupulous, ruthless, inexperence promoter but a totally stupid and deranged individual.
Well, it's bright and early sunday morning, the day of the show; and they are all wondering if the show is going to happen or not, the artists'are not here as yet, no one has called to say if they are coming and the band members are all just sitting on the terrace waiting.Suddenly, Tony notices David's car coming into the hotel and they are all a little relieved, because they think that they are going to know once and for all about this show. David never made it to our room and they were all back to square one.About one hour or so would pass and there is a knock at the door. When the drummer answers the door, it's one of the artists from Miami, so Tony asked him when did they get here, he said about one hour ago and that they were just a couple doors down the hall. Six acts altogether and the band had about three hours within which to go over all their material.They got through that finally, and then had to go to the show's venue, do a sound check, return
to the hotel,eat, shower and get back to the venue for eight p.m., an impossible feat, since they only had one hour. however, they got there on time and opened the show. When they were finished, they thought that they now had to play for the acts that they rehearsed, so they took out their notes in preparation for that. The m.c. informs them that there are eight additional artists who are going on before the ones we rehearsed. To make a long story short,all the acts performed, some really well, some alright and some definately needed work.All in all it was a good show.They got paid some money, the show was not successful as they all knew it could not of succeeded considering it's promoter and they all settled for that. But something good did come out of this cotasrophy, namely this new and uplifting, totally exciting, roots reggae revue, that comprises of four of the best from the show, together with Technodread, for a well rounded reggae experence. These four acts are [1], Shanty Plus, superb singer and entertainer, one who embraces the audience with his church influenced stylings. [2],High Tower, the Bobo Dread messenger with the gift of "conscious fire", illuminating the dark recesses of babylon. [3],Fire Blaze,a very energetic and ingaging new talent, one who's lyrical ability and style is going to be something to tryand test. He's simply great.And finally, RAS Manna Panna a highly intellegent conscious performer, one who fine tunes every aspect of his performance and practices his material every day. So that every thing is quite clear and professional.The name of the show is "VISIONS OF RASTA" and its going to be coming to your town soon so watch for it.P.S. Remember, no matter what you are going through, know that good can come from any bad situation. This last experence certainly taught the band that. So may Jah bless and keep youalways.

Asho Jeni.
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